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The upper half is warning packaging, and the lower half is packaged with brand characteristics, which is generous in appearance. The smoke smell is outstanding, the smoke is delicate and smooth, the smoke is strong, there is no resistance, the taste is still very competitive, it is worth tasting and recommending. When I ignite and smoke Marlboro Gold, the smoke is swallowed smoothly, although there is a hanging throat, but it is not strong. It is more stable to sink into the lung sea, although it has a contour, it is still slightly thin. After careful aftertaste, I came to the conclusion: Flower and Nectar always has no pure tea fragrance. He vomited and snorted, the aroma of fruit tea mixed with bitterness lingered in the mouth for a long time, and the aftertaste was somewhat mottled. Exhale slowly from the nasal cavity while leaving half of the mouth, the fragrance is not as mellow as the Taishan tea series, it is sweet but lacks the fragrance. The best quality raw materials, as well as the tip stick bead embedding technology are presented. It has the technology of flavor enhancement, harm reduction and quality improvement, and achieves low-focus harmony. People have a better experience, such as a better throat, less phlegm, and a better spirit of staying up late. The refined herbal essence is filled in the filter burst beads. When the burst beads are ignited, the herbal essence and the original tobacco fragrance are harmoniously blended Wholesale Cigarettes. The throat is very comfortable, light and strong, and very easy to smoke. Choose the world's top high-scent tobacco leaves, supplemented with natural high-end flavors and fragrances, and effectively combine Rolls-Royce's unique craftsmanship with modern ultra-high craftsmanship. The color on the outer packaging, the cigarette reveals the mellow and tobacco aroma, the aroma of the cigarette is particularly good after being lighted and inhaled, the strength is strong, and the throat feels comfortable. This slim-stick cigarette continues the brand’s style characteristics and adopts a small-scale scientific leaf formula to achieve excellence in tobacco leaves. The entire outer packaging design is very fashionable, with imported equipment to complete, the whole looks square, and each cigarette is full. When you start inhaling, the aroma is beautiful and the smoke is full, the aftertaste is clean, the intensity is moderate, and the irritation is small. It is especially good to smoke. It contains a "tobacco scented oily popped bead".. Choose the best quality tobacco leaves and natural flavors and fragrances. The outer packaging is still classic design elements Marlboro Red, which is full of extravagance. In the sense of suction, squeezing the blasting beads has the fragrance of tobacco, the strength is moderate, with a greasy feel, and the tobacco burns quickly.
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Newport Cartons ForSale

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